About Kotzur Blinds

Who are Kotzur?

Kotzur Blinds is a subdivision of Kotzur Kanvas, a manufacturing firm with a focus on quality custom made blinds, awnings and shutters. 

Corie Kotzur first started in Textiles industry by completing his Certificate in Vehicle Trimming (Trade) whilst working for a local canvas upholsterer. It was in 1999 that Corie made the courageous decision to branch out on his own and Kotzur Kanvas was born. Operations were small at first, with Corie setting up shop in a commercial shed along Edward Street.

After many long hours and sleepless nights, the hard work began to pay off with the expansion into a new business premise located in Rabaul Place, Wagga Wagga. It was during this time that Corie welcomed an additional 10 employees to the team.

With advancements in technology supporting the Textiles industry, Kotzur Kanvas are always seeking the benefits that technology can bring in improvements and time efficiencies that assist us in preparing any of the goods that we provide.

Continued growth of our products, services and therefore customer base saw Kotzur Kanvas relocate four years ago to our current premise at 210 Urana Street, Wagga Wagga. It is here that the business has been able to specialise in a number of services including outdoor blinds and awnings, large commercial scale shade projects, custom made transport covers and vehicle accessories.

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